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I have used Nutrila + Supertonic and Nutrila + Amino+ as a combination foliar spray and to my surprise I got excellent fruit elongation in the initial stage. Similarly, the leaf size was much better than earlier. The number of fruits per plant increased substantially with better luster and shine on it. For white root development, as per company's recommendation I used their Seaweed Extract powder + Humic Acid + Amino+. I found in 1 dose itself, excellent results. Also their organic controllers, Neembuda and Vertimite enabled me to control diseases on my crop. Till date I had never been able to use any Neem based products on grapes but Neembuda proved me wrong and I used it to great effects. I recommend combination of both the above products for excellent way to enhance the yield for grapes. It also helped me to control the number of diseases on my grape farm.

Mr. Vasant Mali - Drakshguru


I have 30 acres of pomegranate plantation. I have been regularly using Humic acid + Seaweed powder for soil application and Amino+ + Nutrila and Nutrila + Supertonic for foliar application. I always get excellent yield which increases every year. To mention very specifically, my 10 acre plantation was badly affected by Teliya (Zanthamonus), and I tried all types of products in the market which we recommended by Agricultural Universities across Maharashtra but to no avail. I could control it only after repetitive application of a special product given by Ceres Organics Pvt Ltd, Neembuda + Vertimite + Dashfarni Ark.

Bharat Shingade- Shelgaon, Indapur, Pune


I have 15 acres of banana (G-9) plantation and 20 acres Sugarcane (KO-365) plantation. I have used Sugarzyme (2kg per acre) and Myco-VAM (5 kg per acre) 3 times during the life cycle of the sugarcane crop and I am very pleased to inform that I have got yield 85 MT per acre. The sugar % has also increased considerably. For banana, I have used humic acid + seaweed + Amino+ through soil after every two months. There was a 30% increase in the yield of banana which I could export for the first time ever.

Mr. Bandudada Jachak- Bhavaninagar, Indapur, Pune



I have been using various products manufactured by Ceres Organics Pvt Ltd on different crops and I found all of them to be excellent in quality and purity especially Neembuda and Vertimite combination. This is a superior product for thrips, virus, fungus and red mites. I got the results within 24 hours of spray on my tomato and marigold plantation. Similarly I have been using Sugarzyme and Myco-VAM for my sugarcane plantation of 10 acres to brilliant results. Also, have used Nutrila and Supertonic for foliar spray on pomegranate and humic acid + seaweed for soil application for all crops. The quality of all their products is really unmatched to any products that I have used over 20 years.

Mr. Rajendra Kate- Malegaon - Baramati


I have used Myco-VAM on turmeric plantation of 5 acres along with humic acid and seaweed. I got 25% increase in yield. Similarly for soyabean, I have used Nutrila + Amino+ and Supertonic + Nutrila for foliar application. I found there is tremendous increase in the yield and then plants and soyabean was disease free. In between I have been using Neembuda and Vertimite. The quality of the product of Ceres is way better than the others which I have used until today.

Mr. Jaywant Anuse- Islampur


I have two acres of rose plantation in polihouse. To mention very specifically, I am very satisfied with the results of Neembuda and Vertimite given by Ceres for red mites which was troubling us a lot. After use of their products I am very happy and satisfied with the results which has helped me to export my rose flowers. I have also used CEM-Plus along with humic + seaweed for soil application and Nutrila + Amino+ and Nutrila + Supertonic for foliar application. I found that the keeping quality of flowers increased. The bud-size and stem size was far better than what we observed previously.

Mr. Nitin Sarodaya - Subham Flora