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We at Ceres Organics Pvt Ltd take an integrated approach to crop management consulting, providing farmers and growers with a comprehensive choice of services, from crop inputs to environmental counselling.

Technological advances are being made at a dizzying pace, so simply working harder and longer isn't enough. Today's farm managers - already under pressure from increased competition and slimmer profit margins - must also work smarter. Our clients look to us for relief from the staggering amount of information they need to process each day.

Recommendations cannot be made in a vacuum. From deciding on seeds to pest control decisions to manure management systems, today's farmer needs to evaluate the pros and cons of every decision that he makes.

For over 12 years now, Ceres Organics Pvt Ltd has helped its clients sort out these kinds of questions. We keep pace with technology but without being blinded by it. Modern innovations such as GPS, infrared photography, satellite imagery and variable-rate applicators speed our job and add unprecedented accuracy, although most of our work is still done the old-fashioned way; in the field and by hand.

Farmers have plenty of information sources and virtually unlimited options for practically every aspect of their business. They can also choose from a wide variety of advisors.

Pomegranate, banana, citrus fruits, oil seeds, spices, sugarcane, all vegetables, we cater to all kinds of fruits, vegetables, etc and make sure that we get the best yields possible. Even the problem of today's sugar factories of increasing the sugar brix content of sugarcane can be easily taken care of with the most organic of methods which we provide.

Ceres Organics Pvt Ltd is the intelligent choice for independent, unbiased counsel. Our job is to provide you with the most advanced technologies and procedures available to grow your business and enhance your profitability. It's what we do best, and it allows you to do what you do best.