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Concentrated Effective Micro-Organisms

CEM-Plus is a Concentrate preparation of effective microorganisms. CEM-Plus is a combination of useful regenerative natural microbes that help build stable aggregate and soil structure, reducing resulting soil erosion. CEM-Plus increases the natural resistance of soil and plants and considerably improves the quality and fertility of soil as well as growth and quality of crops.

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Myco VAM

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas (VAM)

Myco-VAM contains Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas (VAM). VAM are symbiotic entophytic soil fungi, which colonize the roots of approximately 80% plants. VAM fungi produce hyphae, which are microscopic tubes that colonize crop root hair grow out into the soil further than root hairs. Nutrients are taken up by the hyphae and carried back to the plant. This results into very efficient mobilization & uptake of fertilizers and other nutrients by plants. The VAM hyphae also help is retaining moisture around the roots of plants.

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Gluconatoazotobacter Diazotrophix

SugarZyme’s active ingredient is very significant symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium for sugarcane. It was first discovered in high yielding of sugarcane growth in Brazil. As per international research findings upto 40% Biological nitrogen fixation in sugarcane is due to this bacterium. It addition to its nitrogen fixation it also secretes useful growth promoting such as Indole Acetic Acid (IAA).
POTENCY: 2 X 109 CFU/gm (when packed)

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